Step by Step Guide to Brewing Your Own Beer

Step by Step Guide to Brewing Your Own Beer

Beer lovers rejoice, you can actually create your own beer at home!  Brewing beer isn’t as difficult as you think and since it has become so popular the ingredients are fairly easy to get your hands on.  So here is a step by step guide to brewing your own beer.

In order to manufacture your own beer, you first need to decide on which type of beer you need to brew. The following are two types of beer that can be made at home:

  • Extract brewing
  • All Grain brewing

All Grain Brewing is probably a bit more complicated than you want to do in your own kitchen.  Extract brewing is easier and it is a shorter process and you can get beer that tastes great.

Extract Brewing

Extract brewing only requires the malt extract unlike All Grain Brewing which begins with the mashing process.  here is what the process looks like.

Ingredients required:
(i) water
(ii)grains or malt extract

Steps required to be followed in order to make your own beer:

  1. Boil the water to about 170 degrees. Boil about 5 gallons of water for the process to be worthwhile.
  2. Steep the grains. Put all the grains inside a muslin bag. Tie the top of muslin bag tightly and lower it inside the hot water like thirty minutes while stirring.  Remove it and sprinkle it with warm water. This is necessary for the extraction of the final bits of flavour.
  3. Add the malt extract
  4. Boil your extract gently or rather simmer your solution.
  5. Add the hops in a muslin bag containing the grains and tie it tightly. Then, lower it in the boiling water for about an hour.
    This will add sweetness and a pleasant smell to your extract.
  6. Make sure that the bottles are clean. It is necessary for the bottles to be clean for a good sanitation. You can clean the containers while the brew is still boiling since it will take a while for the extract to be ready.
  7. Cool the malt extract. After the malt extract has boiled in an hour, you will leave the solution to cool for a while
  8. Transfer the extract. The fermenter should be bigger so as to hold enough extract and also have some more room for carbon(iv)oxide. This is because fermentation produce excess carbon(iv) oxide which may cause ether bursting of the fermenter if small.
  9. Add the yeast in order to facilitate the fermentation process because it contains enzymes which are essential for anaerobic respiration
  10. Ferment the beer. Close the top of the fermenter to allow no oxygen into the fermenter and leave the extract for about 2 weeks. A steady temperature is essential during fermentation.
  11. Carbonate your beer you do this by adding carbonation sugar to your beer and leaving it for a week.
  12. Bottle your beer. Siphon your beer into the bottles you did clean earlier.


5 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets for a Foodie

5 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets for a Foodie

For a food enthusiast, a kitchen is more than a place where food is prepared and cooked. It is more than a place of gathering for a family during mealtime.  The kitchen is a reflection of a food connoisseur’s life.

Equipping the kitchen with the latest essential gadgets is not just a novelty but a necessity.  Good tools are equally as important as the ingredients. A foodie is not just trying to make a good meal, they are looking to create art.

Modern technology has paved the way to brilliant innovations that can make even the most novice of us high-quality fare.

Here are top five gadgets to stir up a foodies’ experience:

Clever Tongs

Breakfast is already one of the easiest and fun meals to prepare. This gadget, however, is the icing on the cake. With clever tongs there is no need to purchase a spatula and a set tong or a serving spoon as it meets all of these needs. This gadget can flip pancakes or eggs and grip sausages or bacon. Priced at $14.99, this gadget is worth every penny.

Kitchen Gizmo Snap ‘N Strainer

This gadget eliminates the need for traditional strainers. It clips perfectly on sides of the pot or bowls allowing for an easy strain. At $15, no more emptying of food into the sink.

Elite Cuisine 3- in -1 Breakfast Center

For $36 this ought to be the ultimate solution to small kitchen spaces. This gadget has a non-stick griddle for frying eggs, a toaster oven and a coffee maker. All these can be operated at the same time.

15 Inch Non-stick Divided Meal Skillet

This skillet saves on time and space and energy. That is an awesome deal for 40$. The heavy gauge bottom allows for even heat distribution so that only one burner is needed. Up to six meals can bed prepared using this skillet. It is divided into five slots to allow for different food combinations while nothing touches.

Clear View toaster

This gadget is set that bread can be viewed as it heats to perfection so as to prevent burning. With a price of $40 perfectly done toast when needed would have come at a fairer price.

These gadgets not only make cooking easier with splendid results, but they also make cleaning up easier. Being able to cook different meals at the same times cuts on energy usage and saves time.  Every foodie will enjoy having these gadgets in the kitchen.

Best 3 AC Repair Services In Brooklyn, New York

During the change of season or every few months, one needs to get his air conditioners serviced so that they can work smoothly and we get clean air. Air conditioners tend to break down or stop working and are in need of immediate repairs. This is an expense added to our to-do lists. Moreover, dirty air ducts cause allergies and might lead to other problems as well.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness in air conditioning ducts as well. In case of dirt or a mouse trapped in the ducts or if there is a leakage of gases from the unit that’s causing these problems, you can call anyone company from the following list as they all come highly recommended.

Anyway, the best ac repair companies in Brooklyn are mentioned below. A lot of people type in the phrase “ac repair Brooklyn.” We hope you like our top picks! These are not mentioned in any ranking or chronological order but at random.

ac repair brooklyn

Vigilante Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioners
They provide with excellent service and do not bill you by the hour as opposed to other companies. They generate the bill according to the job done rather than the time taken to do it. Many companies extend the work to extract more money out of you so that won’t be a problem for them.
Vigilante Plumbing has been a part of the Brooklyn ac repair scenario since 1927 and has a good reputation for trust and efficiency. Their employees undergo rigorous background checks and screening for drugs. You would be relieved that you are not letting a criminal into your house to get the job done. They use the latest tools and technologies and offer numerous other services besides ac repair as well.

Air Mechanical Services Inc.

They offer services such as ac installation and repair at affordable prices and come highly recommended from their stream of loyal customers who are very happy with their services. They are quick and efficient in their work, and although they offer services in other departments as well, HVAC happens to be their area of expertise.

212 HVAC.
They are a premium ac repair company that offer all the services related such as ac repair, installation, and service. They do an excellent job at affordable prices and hence are popular not just in Brooklyn but areas nearby as well.
Brooklyn’s Best AC.
They are highly responsive to their customer demands and complaints and try to resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are affordable and have excellent reviews from their regular customers. They even sell ACs and offer installation and repair services.

Clean Air Doctors.

They are professionals and handle everything with finesse and keep things right on schedule. They offer excellent services at affordable prices and do not conjure up unnecessary bills for the customer. They try to find inexpensive solutions to the customers’ problems and work according to their schedule.

Premier cleaning.
They offer numerous services and not just HVAC repair and service. The customer reviews offered for their work is excellent and they come highly recommended. They have fast service and usually appear at the site within a few hours time. Their team consists of highly trained professionals, and they handle your units with care and finesse and offer their services at affordable prices.